Somos una productora audiovisual que viene desarrollando desde el año 2015 una investigación sobre arquitectura y urbanismo en Latinoamérica, de la cual se desprenden varios proyectos de largometraje documental, cortometrajes, entrevistas, artículos y fotografía.

Nuestros trabajos han sido expuestos en los festivales de cine de arquitectura más importantes del mundo como el de Nueva York, Rotterdam, Venecia y Nueva Zelanda entre otros. Además de bienales como la de Suiza o Seoul.

Nos interesan las personas capaces de redibujar los límites de sus disciplinas y cuestionar su hacer. Desarrollamos proyectos autogestionados, además de encargos para distintas plataformas e instituciones. En los proyectos propios tenemos un especial interés por Latinoamérica, al ser una región en constante crisis que la obliga a reinventarse.

Katerina Kliwadenko, periodista chilena, junto con Mario Novas, arquitecto español, somos las personas detrás de estos trabajos.


KLIWADENKO NOVAS is an audiovisual production company with a focus on contemporary architecture, urban planning and its relationship with society.

The works have been exhibited at architecture film festivals such as New York, Rotterdam, Venice and New Zealand, among others, as well as biennials such as Switzerland or Seoul.

Katerina Kliwadenko, a Chilean journalist, together with Mario Novas, a Spanish architect, are the people behind these works.

Interested in people capable of redrawing the limits of their disciplines by questioning what they do, they develop self-managed projects, as well as commissions for different platforms and institutions. Our interest in this region comes through its constant crisis which obliged them to constantly reinvent itself.


2022 Mexity - Serie (4x30’) (On production)
Commissioned by Shelter.Stream, it explores the contemporary architecture in Mexico through design, activism, public investments and local ecosystems.

2022 Here Are The Arquitectas - Serie (4x30’) (On production)
Recently on a New York Times article, writer Allison Arieff raises the repeated question that the architectural community keeps asking: "Where are all the female architects?” We found them! A documentary on the new outstanding architectural production coming out of Mexico and yes, it turns out they are all women.

2021 RAW LAND - Web Doc 
Project awarded by the Chilean national fund CORFO 2020 for the production of an interactive documentary on the self construction process of an architectural student.

2021 Making Meaningful Things Happen - Web Doc (On going)
Project awarded by the Chilean national fund CORFO 2020 for the production of an interactive documentary on the Tiuna El Fuerte project located in Caracas and developed by the LAB PRO FAB office over the las 15 years.

2020 Architecture On The Edge - Serie (6×15’)
Commissioned by Shelter.Stream, it explores how local architecture revels in pushing design to the very edge, focusing on six unique buildings in Chile

2019 Talca Local (On going) - Documentary Feature film
We are currently on the post production stage of our second documentary from the deep Southern Chile where architecture students who know better fertilizers than famous buildings, are guided to face global challenges but entering from the opposite extreme: the local approach, solving problems within their rural context.
Project awarded by the Chilean national fund CORFO, the Ibermedia Found, the Arca residency.

2018 Do More With Less (Hacer Mucho Con Poco) 86’ - Documentary Feature film
A documentary that sets the attention in Latin American architecture because its context of constant crisis compels the discipline to reinvent itself and to seek innovation in local resources. It shows how young architects are bringing about a change in paradigm by offering a new understanding of the way this profession interacts with society. The film won Best Research and Argument at the ARCH_CINE, and Best documentary at CINETEKTON, and was top rated at the ADFF New York, the AFFR Rotterdam, and the MOVE CINE ARCH in Venice after being part of the ooficial selection of 25 film festivals.

2016 City vs. Favelas for Archdaily
Medium-length film (18 '); audiovisual and photographic report in which we interviewed the directors of the Association of Favelas of Rio de Janeiro about the origin of the historical conflict and the failed government initiatives.
Link: informais-no-rio-de-janeiro

2015 White Elephant
Peter Eisenman's Ambitious "City of Culture" Fades Into Ruin for Architizer: short film from the City of Culture by Peter Eisenman in Santiago de Compostela.2015 Where Solid Meets Void

Exploring the Concrete and Glass Edifice of A Coruña’s National Museum for Science and Technology para Architizer: cortometraje Sobre el Museo de Tecnología de A Coruña de Acebo y Alonso.

2015 Creative Process - Web Serie (9x6’)

Personal portrays of different creative processes from Barcelona.